Privacy and Security Policy

Your privacy is important to us

Thank you for supporting Mission Armenia Ltd.

As part of our commitment to our supporters, Mission Armenia Ltd has developed a Privacy and Security Policy aimed at protecting your personal information.

While Mission Armenia Ltd is not bound by law to be covered by the Privacy Act, we have elected to "opt-in" to ensure the most thorough protection of your personal information.

Please read the Policy carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly. 

Our commitment

Mission Armenia Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of all personal information we collect from you and that we hold and administer on your behalf. Personal information is defined as information that directly or indirectly identifies a person.

Any personal information you provide to us is only used for the purposes outlined below.

Unless you give us consent to act otherwise, the following Policy will be applied by Mission Armenia Ltd in safeguarding the privacy and security of your personal information.


Our responsibilities

Mission Armenia Ltd’s Board is responsible for developing, adopting and reviewing this policy.

Mission Armenia Ltd’s Board is responsible for the implementation of this policy, for monitoring changes in Privacy legislation and for advising on the need to review or revise this policy as and when the need arises.


Data collection

Mission Armenia Ltd recognises the right of individuals to have their information protected on the one hand, and made accessible to them on the other.

Mission Armenia Ltd will collect information that is required for various activities and purposes, including for our fundraising work. For example, when you donate to us or purchase from us, we collect information including your name, email address, mailing address and payment details. This will enable us to process your contribution or purchase and to send you a receipt.

From time to time, we may collect information from you that will help us better understand our supporters or to research potential supporter attitudes, or for internal reporting purposes. For example, we may record your age, location, interests, profession, etc.

If we wish to collect any sensitive information, we will only do so with your specific consent. 


Access and correction

You have a right to access information held about you and to correct it if it is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up to date.

We will ensure that all personal information we have relating to you is correct and up-to-date. You can assist us to do so by letting us know if any of your details change.


Use and disclosure

Mission Armenia Ltd will only use or disclose your information for the primary functions and purpose for which it was collected or for a directly related secondary purpose. We will disclose your information to mail, banking and related service providers in compliance with this policy. These functions and purposes include informing you about our activities, conducting marketing and making further requests for support from you.

From time to time, we will use your personal information to send you our publications.

For all other uses, Mission Armenia Ltd will obtain your consent.

You may opt out of receiving requests to support Mission Armenia. Please contact us for this purpose. You may consent to receiving requests to support us by notifying us in the same way.

Data quality and accuracy

Mission Armenia Ltd will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect from you and keep is accurate, complete, up to date, and relevant to the functions we perform.



Fundraising and related record keeping requires that we be able to identify you. Mission Armenia Ltd treats data anonymously where possible for statistical or similar purposes.

If we decide to publish the names of donors online or in our annual reports, we will request your consent prior to doing so.


Data security and retention

Mission Armenia Ltd will safeguard the information we collect and store against misuse, loss, unauthorised access and modification.

We will protect any personal information that you submit with our Secure Socket Layer (SSL 3.0) encryption technology, which is widely used on the internet to improve the security and privacy of online credit card payment transactions. Please note that Internet consumers with browsers not supporting SSL 3.0 or above encryption technology (e.g. browsers with versions lower than Internet Explorer 4.0 & Netscape 4.01) are not allowed access to payment facility, as transaction details cannot be securely transmitted.

We will take all reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify any personal information collected on or provided by you that is of no further use to us.


Sharing information with other organisations

Mission Armenia Ltd will only release your personal information with your permission, by asking you to sign a release form.

We will only release information to third parties where it is requested by you.


Sending information overseas

Mission Armenia Ltd does not send any personal information overseas.


Links to other sites

Mission Armenia Ltd is not responsible for the content or practices of websites operated by third parties that are linked to our site. These links are meant for the user's convenience only. Links to other websites are not covered by this Policy. Before providing your personal information to another website, we advise you to examine that organisation’s Privacy Policy.


Changes to our Privacy and Security Policy

Mission Armenia Ltd may add new links and features to our website from time to time. 
In addition, our Privacy and Security Policy may be reviewed and you will be able to view any changes on this page.



If you believe that Mission Armenia Ltd has not protected your personal information as set out in this policy, you may lodge a complaint with us by contacting us using the methods outlined below:

By Post: PO Box 169 Willoughby NSW 2067
By Telephone: (02) 9436 3011
By Fax: (02) 9411 5173
By Email: click here

What if I am not satisfied with the response?

If you are not satisfied with the result of your complaint to us, you can refer your complaint to the Federal Privacy Commissioner:

By writing to: Director of Complaints Office, Federal Privacy Commissioner, GPO Box 5218, SYDNEY NSW 1042
By telephoning: 1300 363 992 

For further information

Please contact us to ask for access to your personal information or if you would like more information about our approach to privacy. You may also wish to visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website at



If you would prefer that we do not contact you, please contact us and let us know. 

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